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Hey Joe Brewing Company lies in the beautiful Cape Winelands just 3km outside Franschhoek, only an hours’ drive from Cape Town’s CBD.

Taproom & Restaurant

Open Mon - Sun

We have curated a delicious menu that is not only inspired by the Belgians but also incorporates our core range of beers.

Featured Beer

The Tale of Joe

Joe’s tale is a captivating story about discovering one’s true purpose and never giving up on dreams, regardless of age. In 1945, Joe, a young brewer near Bruges in Belgium, is inspired by allied soldiers’ tales of exploration in Africa and decides to spread his family’s brewing legacy there. In the early 1960s, after years of success as a brewer in his region, Joe finally embarked on his journey to Africa. Settling in Franschhoek, he becomes enamored with the raw nature and diverse fynbos biome, leading him to brew unique beers using African-inspired ingredients. Obsessed with his craft, Joe becomes a recluse, dedicating decades to perfecting his Belgian beer.

Decades later, a young man stumbles upon Joe’s forgotten cabin in the woods. After sharing stories and enjoying Joe’s exceptional home-brewed beer, the youngster awakens to find Joe gone but left with a note directing him south. This young man, inspired by the encounter, starts his brewery named after the mysterious old recluse who saved him. The legend goes that Joe secretly adds his finishing touches to the traditional Belgian-inspired beers at the brewery, but no one can locate his cabin again. Joe’s legacy lives on through his secret family recipes, forever intertwined with the brewery’s culture and values. The story serves as a reminder to embrace passion and pursue dreams no matter the challenges or the passage of time.

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